Monday, September 8, 2014

Friendly Encounters: Sara Richard and Kristian Nairn

This is a regular series about my friends meeting celebrities.

I swear, every time I see Sara Richard on FB, she is doing something cool and I am not just talking about her beautiful artwork.  Between her Cosplay, her gliding, her singing and all else, she never fails to entertain.
Her primary form of entertainment is art, her given profession.  Her work and info can be found on  Of course, you can also look for her interviews on my YouTube channel.  Sara is one of my favorite subjects.
Recently Sara met Kristian Nairn, best known for his role of Hodor on Game of Thrones.  You can tell how excited she was just by looking at her.  Am I the only person who doesn't watch that show (no offense Mr. Nairn or Sara).
I am glad Sara got to meet Nairn.  It's always cool to see people meet their favorite celebs.  Plus, this gives me one more opportunity to promote her fantastic artwork.  She is quite gifted.
I really hope you check out her creations.  Oh and if you ever meet her, ask he about her interest in dinosaurs.  See, I told you...she is always involved in something cool.
Kristian Nairn and Sara Richard in Wilmington, MA-April 2014.

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