Friday, November 28, 2014

Candy Fitzgibbon and the Derby Ghouls

Once again, Resistance Pro has lead me to something cool.  This time it was roller derby with a ghoulish twist.
At the RPro Halloween show, the Black Widows Derby Ghouls had a booth.  I was totally intrigued.  I found Candy Fitzgibbon, the founder, and got a little history lesson.
Fitzgibbon founded the Derby Ghouls recreational roller derby league in 2012.  Also known as the Bride of Breakin' Spines, she eventually brought the league to Romeoville, IL.  Her goal is to encourage people to check out roller derby and to fall in love with it, like she did.  Clearly this is a work of passion for Fitzgibbon.
I am all for fun new adventures.  I hope to get out to Romeoville and get a first hand look at the Derby Ghouls.  Of course, I will report all right back here.
Until then, for more information on the Derby Ghouls, check out
Candy Fitzgibbon and me in Willowbrook, IL-October 2014.

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