Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Rise of Eric St. Vaughn

One of the highlights of 2014 involved Resistance Pro and my friend Eric St. Vaughn.  In September at RPro's "Practice What You Preach," I witnessed something special.  Eric St. Vaughn (along with his Body Magic partner Brady Pierce) won the RPro tag team titles.  It was ESV's first championship in wrestling.
I like to remind him that I predicted a title for him in 2014.  To be exact, I predicted a mid-card title for ESV.  I figured he was the perfect choice if RPro made a new title.  Still, a title is a title and I'll take my prediction, but really this is about ESV.
ESV is a good guy.  Oh sure, in the ring he can bend the rules.  He sometimes uses illegal tactics.  He occasionally yells at fans.  Underneath it all, ESV isn't really a bad guy.
He has worked very hard at his craft.  He started as part of D'Arcy's Dynasty in the infancy of RPro.  Soon Body Magic was born.  Early in the Body Magic tenure, he didn't wrestle much, but he steadily has gotten involved in more action.  On the mic, he is gold and in the ring, he is ever-improving.  Despite still being relatively new to the wrestling business, ESV deserves the title and is making a great champ!
I am proud to have seen ESV through every step on this journey.  I am prouder to call him my friend.  ESV should be proud, too.  He deserves every bit of joy he can get from this title run!
Eric St. Vaughn and me in Willowbrook, IL-September 2014.

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