Sunday, January 4, 2015

Being Barry Bostwick

I loved Barry Bostwick in Spin City, although some may remember him better from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  He has had a lot of great roles in his 35 years of acting.
Bostwick was a real joy at the recent Days of the Dead convention.  We talked to him for a bit and then took the picture.  He made sure the picture turned out good...for him!  He wanted himself to look good in the picture.  It was quite funny.
As every fan was leaving, he also made sure to shake their hand and greet them by name (or even ask for their name again, if he forgot).  It is a personal attention to things like that which make him a great convention guest.  Every fan felt like they had made a connection and had a good moment.  That is really all fans want.
Once again, kudos to the Days staff for bringing in a quality guest.  Thanks, of course, to Bostwick for being a great guest.
Barry Bostwick and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2014

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