Saturday, January 24, 2015

Milena Matic and Chonzy the Traveling Cat

I have previous written about Milena Matic, my childhood friend and a very talented artist.  This isn't just lip service, as I have nine of her paintings in my home.  New good things are happening for Milena and I am proud to share her news.
Chonzy the Traveling Cat is a joint children's book effort by Milena (illustrator) and Caroline Elizabeth Green (writer).  As the title suggests, Chonzy is a cat who travels to various cities and learns about landmarks and other fun stuff.  If Milena is involved in it, you know it is a great product.
For more info and ordering instructions, please check out Chonzy the Traveling Cat.  For parents, I am sure your youngster will love this.  You might even find yourself getting a kick out of this traveling cat, too!
Milena Matic (far right), the rest of the gang and me in Chicago, IL-December 2014.

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