Sunday, March 15, 2015

Brad Dourif is Not Just a Doll

Actor Brad Dourif has had a lengthy, successful career.  His first credited role was in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in 1975.  He has had many great roles since then, including a part in The Lord of the Rings movies.
For me though, Dourif is Chucky, from Child's Play.  I love that movie series.  From the original in 1988 to the latest, "Curse of Chucky," I have enjoyed Dourif's work as the voice of the main character doll.
At the recent debut of Mad Mobster Con in Chicago, I had the pleasure of talking to Dourif for several minutes.  A bunch of us were talking about Chucky and sequels.  Dourif really cares aout the character and the movie.  Chucky isn't an easy paycheck for Dourif.  He works the nuances.  He works the character so it isn;t just a rehashing of the same.  He does all of this as a voice actor.  That is incredibly challenging and easy to dismiss with such a movie.  My hat is off to Dourif for his effort and for discussing it all.
Mad Mobster Con had a solid debut.  I see it getting bigger and better each year.  I love that it is held in downtown Chicago.  I already look forward to their second effort next year.  Kudos to all involved with Mad Mobster.
Brad Dourif and me in Chicago, IL-February 2015.

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