Monday, March 16, 2015

Friendly Encounters: John Waters and Mad Man Pondo

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Mad Man Pondo has met a lot of famous people.  Actually, he has wrestled a lot of famous people.  At Culture shock, he wasn't wrestling anyone, but he was busy meeting some celebrities.
Pondo has had a lengthy wrestling career which has allowed him to get in the ring with a lot of big name wrestlers.  Pondo is pretty well-known, too.  In fact, many wrestlers are excited to step in the ring with him.
At Culture Shock, Pondo was one of the thousands of fans meeting their favorite stars.  Pondo met a bunch of them, including John Waters.  I see similarities in this duo.
Both men have carved out careers in their respective fields in their own way.  Both have worked under the radar a bit, but both also have jumped into the mainstream at times.
Also, they are both loyal, solid company men.  Waters uses a lot of the same people in his various projects.  Our old friend Mink Stole is one of two people to be in all of his films, but several have appeared in multiple films.  I love those bonds.
I see Pondo as a loyal guy, too.  I am not sure when Pondo crossed the line from Mad Man to wise veteran, but he did.  Actually, he is a wise, veteran mad man.  I see him helping fellow wrestlers with their craft.  I see him working with the management at companies to help in any way.  I also see him wearing a handful of title belts.  They are all well-deserved.
Maybe Pondo and Waters are "multiple maniacs."  Neither is a "cry-baby" and it would be "a dirty shame" if you don't check out the works of both men.
(Sorry about those puns.  Now I really have to watch out for Pondo's stop sign.)
Mad Man Pondo and John Waters in Indianapolis, IN-February 2015.

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