Sunday, March 22, 2015

Culture Shock with Joe Stauffer and Kristi Ray

Our continuing coverage of Days of the Dead Culture shock brings us to Joe Stauffer and Kristi Ray, a twofer who were promoting Pieces of Talent.  Kristi stars in it and Joe directed it.  Joe also is a producer and also handled the music, film editing and cinematography.
Pieces of Talent is the story of Charlotte, a waitress and aspiring actress. who meets David, a filmmaker.  Their story unfolds into a classic horror movie.
At Culture Shock, they showed the movie trailer and it looked pretty intense.  It had a classic horror/thriller feel to it.  Reviews call it "mesmerizing," "highly visualized" and "creepy."  I have to agree with all of these descriptions.  I would also add that it seems intense.  I also like that it does not seem to overly use technology to scare the audience, rather relying on good cuts and great visuals.
I hope I meet this pair again.  I'd love to interview them about this movie.  After doing the research, I am really intrigued by it.  Hopefully, I will bring updates on Pieces of Talent here..
Check out, for more info, including the trailer.  You should also check out and to learn more about these talented people and to get their updates.
Joe Stauffer, me and Kristi Ray in Indianapolis, IN-February 2015.

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