Sunday, March 8, 2015

Culture Shock with Jonathan LaMantia

I met talented artist Jonathan LaMantia at Culture Shock.  LaMantia had several of his creations on display and they were drawing quite a crowd, including me.
When I got home, I checked out and his JL Comics Facebook page to learn more about him.  On his site, I saw a lot of his cool prints, I learned he does commissions and I checked out his future appearances to see if our paths would cross again.
I got several laughs from his Facebook page.  I learned his mission is to do a job that won't kill him (or anyone else).  He would say, "Yes, please" to an award.  Also, his products are "art things."  He mostly draws monsters, but if you ask nice (or preferably pay nice), he might do something else for you.  
LaMantia is as personable as he is talented.  He is a great guest for such cons.  His booth is loaded with cool/scary artwork and he is funny and approachable.  Creative people like LaMantia are really the backbone of these conventions and I like discovering new ones.
Jonathan LaMantia and me in Indianapolis, IN-March 2015.

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