Friday, March 20, 2015

On the Beat with the Chicago Bliss at Practice

We just attended our first Chicago Bliss practice of the season and we came back with three interviews.  Many more will be coming as the season nears and all throughout, but for now, we have Deena Fagiano, Assistant Coach Ryan Andrews and Head Coach Keith Hac.
Deena flies a bit under the radar on the team.  On a team with a Ferrari, a Rockstar and several other stars, it is easy to see how some of the players don't get enough credit.  When any team wins consecutive titles, it is tough to spread the credit around enough to everyone.
Deena certainly contributed a lot to both titles.  She does steady work on the line, along with adding an occasional rush or reception.
Coach Andrews talked to us about the season opener against Atlanta, the quest for the threepeat and more.  Biggs is always good for a little entertainment, but that doesn;t get in the way of his focus in coaching.
As always, everything on the Bliss goes through Coach Hac.  I love talking football with Hac.  He makes it all seem so simple.  He breaks down everything to its basic elements.  Maybe that is why he has been so successful.
Enjoy the interviews, then head over to to learn more about the Bliss and to get ticket info.  The home opener is April 25.  I'll be there and I'll be reporting back here all season.
Also, check out my debut coverage of the Bliss for Tru School Sports at Introducing the Chicago Bliss.

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