Friday, March 6, 2015

Recalling the Chicago Bliss Repeat

As you all know, I was there as the Chicago Bliss won the Legends Football League title again in 2014.  With the quest for the threepeat starts this Saturday with tryouts, I looked back on all of my pictures and videos from last season and found a video I had not published.
The video below was taken right after the championship game ended.  The Bliss had won the title to become repeat champs and they were having fun celebrating on the field.  I still get chills watching this video.
Some reporters cover sports for years without being around a league title.  I jumped on board the Bliss express midway through their first title and covered them for all of the 2014 title run.  I will definitely be back for the 2015 season as they go for the threepeat.
I had such a fun time covering and being around the Bliss.  It starts with Coach Keith Hac and his staff of Coach Ryan Andrews, Coach John Witte.  These men always had time for me and always gave me good interviews.
The Bliss staff, including Sherry Garritty, Norm Cook, Scott Kruse and Kyle Watson were all total professionals.  They were helpful and personable.  They all went above and beyond their "titles" on the team.
Of course, I loved the team itself.  "Rockstar" Heather Furr leads the group.  Alli Alberts, Jess Price, Nneka Nwani, DiA'andra Frye, Deena Fagiano, Lindsey Mikulecky, Kim Perez, Dana Dixon, Bridget McDonnell, Shari Onley, Dominique "DC" Collins, ChrisDell "The Ferrari" Harris, Jamie Barwick, Aubrie Nelson, Jori, Hallie Jiskra, Chantell Taylor and Yahshi Rice all had their moments on and off the field.  They are truly a great bunch of tough ladies.
I am sure some of the 2014 team will be gone, but the magical memories will remain. Everyone is forever bonded.  (Sorry's true, we are forever bonded).
Watch the video and get ready for a fun 2015 season with the Bliss!

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