Friday, May 22, 2015

C2E2 With Jessica Gousha

At C2E2, you always have to be alert.  You never know who you might see or when you might unexpectedly run into a celebrity.  Such was the case when I visiting Al Snow at his booth.
Also at his booth was an attractive woman who was in awesome shape.  Especially considering the number or wrestlers in attendance, I thought she might be involved in the business, too.  I was close.
She wasn't a wrestler (although I am sure she could do well in the ring).  It was Jessica Gousha, a veteran of many fitness competitions.
I introduced myself and we had a brief conversation.  These conventions are hectic.  A brief chat is often all you can squeeze in.
Jessica is a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer based out of Winchester, KY.  Her credentials are certainly excellent and her prices seem very reasonable.  If I was near Winchester, I would definite make an appointment.
You can find out more about Jessica by going to Jessica Gousha's site, following Jessica Gousha on twitter and liking Jessica Gousha Fit Over Forty on Facebook.  I especially like her Fit Over Forty FB page.  It has tips, exercises, recipes and other helpful stuff and there is plenty of fun, too.
The best part of meeting Jessica was that she was as sweet as can be.  I hope to meet her again and talk more about her career and her profession.
Jessica Gousha and me in Chicago, IL-April 2015.

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