Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wizard World Fan Fest with David Faustino

Like most people near my age, I was a fan of tv's Married With Children.  Despite the last original episode airing in June of 1997, the show stands the test of time.  I still find it funny.
Married With Children was like no other show at the time.  The dysfunctional Bundy family was opposite of other tv families.  I also think each Bundy character was well-written and likable, two keys to creating a solid core of a show.  The show withstood the loss of David Garrison as Marcy's husband (replacing him with Ted McGinley, of course).
The only real misstep was bringing in cousin "Seven," but that was forgotten by the next season.  They even made a few inside jokes about Seven after his departure.
David Faustino grew up on the show.  He had made his tv debut as an infant on The Lily Tomlin Special, but his first real role was on Little House on the Prairie.  By the time MWC came along, Faustino had already been building a solid acting resume.
By all accounts Faustino survived childhood stardom quite well.  He has worked steadily ever since.  Last year, there was even some talk of a series about Bud Bundy.
He has also been a bit active on the comic con scene.  I am happy to report he is a great con guest.  He does his best to make each fan encounter special.  He talks as much as time will permit.  He's a real pleasure to meet.  I have even seen him take time for fans who were not even buying any of his pictures or autographs.  That is a real good guy.  He's at a con to make money, but he didn't let even a non-payer walk away unhappy.
David Faustino and me in Rosemont, IL-March 2015.

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Jean Parker said...

Brings back old memories of TV shows … nice to see you don't always have to pay to talk to an actor!