Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sean "XPac" Waltman Joins the Jay Leno Club

For a long time, I have had people mention that I look like Jay Leno.  To be honest, I don't really see it, but many people have made the reference.  I started to hear it from celebrities and I started the Johngy's Beat Jay Leno Club for those celebrities.
I don't remember which celebrity was the first.  I think it was the Iron Sheik.  I know it wasn't the Honky Tonk Man, much to his disdain.  In fact, he wasn't even the first at one specific convention, where Terri Runnels beat him to it, much to his real disdain!
For some reason, a large percentage of the celebrities in the Jay Leno Club are wrestlers.  Of course, I meet a lot of wrestlers, but it is still disproportionately heavy on wrestlers.  Maybe wrestlers watch a lot of late night television.  Maybe wrestlers are just a bit out there and they make the connection.
In any case, the latest celeb to join the Jay Leno Club was also a wrestler.  Sean Waltman (aka XPac) achieved that highly respected status at the recent C2E2.
I was at the booth where Scott Hall and Waltman were appearing on behalf of Dream Wave Wrestling.  We were just about to take a photo, when Waltman stated, "I didn't know we would meet Jay Leno today."  I was caught off guard and laughed out loud, messing up the picture.  Then everyone laughed and we redid the picture.
With that, Waltman became the newest member of the Jay Leno Club.  Clearly, he won't be the last member either.  When the next celebrity joins the club, I will report it right here.

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