Friday, June 12, 2015

Culture Shock with Ellie Church and Time to Kill

Our continuing coverage of Days of the Dead Culture Shock brings us to Ellie Church, who was there promoting Time to Kill.  The booth was full of activity all weekend.
Time to Kill is grindhouse at its best.  It is gory, bloody, exploitative and more.  It doesn't claim to be anything else and it doesn't want to be anything else.  That is a huge part of the appeal.
Of course, another part of the appeal is the lovely Ellie Church, who stars as Sarah, the main character.  Church has also appeared in And Then YOU Die!, Headless, Forced Entry, Indie Director and more.  She certainly was a hit at the booth, dazzling fans with her looks and her personality.
The plot line is stated as "For Sara there's no time to waste, no time to lose, there's only....Time to Kill..."  I can hear "Big Voice Guy" doing that readover.  This is a great movie for a few friends, pizza and popcorn.  Settle down and enjoy the madness.
Keep an eye out for Ellie on the big screen and at comic cons.  Also, check out Time to Kill if you ever get the chance.
You can follow Ellie Church on twitter to get all of her updates.  You can also check out Time to Kill on Facebook for info and updates on the movie.
Ellie Church and me in Indianapolis, IN-February 2015.

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