Wednesday, June 3, 2015

With Tim Kafantaris at Motor City Comic Con 2015

Tim Kafantaris works on animation for commercials, television and even feature films.  At a young age, Kafantaris has already built an impressive resume.
He has worked on Archer for television.  That alone is enough to get him a huge fan following.  I saw his popularity first hand at the recent Motor City Comic Con.  For a native Michigander, it had to be pretty cool to have a booth there and be so in demand.  From all accounts, he is a super nice guy, too.
You can check out or The Art of Tim Kafantaris to see some of his creations, get updates and learn more about him.  Both sites are interesting, but The Art of Tim Kafantaris goes a bit deeper into his works.  He explains and illustrates some of his work in stages.  The process and progress is fascinating.  His art covers a wide variety of subjects.
Younger fans might focus on his work with Archer, which is very cool, but you should check out all of his work.  He has a bright future and he will be doing a lot of other fun stuff for sure.
Tim Kafantaris and me in Novi, MI-May 2015.

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