Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wizard World Fan Fest with Judge Hydrogen

Our continuing coverage of Wizard World Fan Fest brings us to Judge Hydrogen, a visual artist and musician.  I am sure it is no coincidence that the visual of him at his booth was what drew us to investigate further.
As quoted on his site, "The focus of his works are apocalyptic myths."  He also states, “It is my obligation as an artist to capture visually life tearing itself apart."
I should have just copied his entire quote, but then I'd say I should have copied his entire "About" page.  Instead, I pulled those two quotes and I encourage you to go to JudgeHydrogen.com to read the rest and check out the other pages including his store, reviews, samples of his music and more.
I really need to interview Judge Hydrogen in the future.  His thoughts on humanity, myths and technology are fascinating.  I would love to hear him expand these thoughts.
Actually, he does expand these thoughts through his music.  When I listen to music samples, I usually try to pick my favorite one or two and highlight them.  In this case, I really was drawn into all five samples.  A Body of Water, In Peace, Ancient, Prostrate and Abandoned to Wolves share the same feeling, while still being completely different.  I found them stirring and emotion-provoking.
"A Body of Water " is in "Sinister," the Ethan Hawke film.  Listen for it during the pool party scene.
This is an interesting guy and I really hope our paths cross again.  I hope to bring an interview here in the future.  Until then, head over to JudgeHydrogen.com, the Judge Hydrogen Facebook page or the Judge Hydrogen twitter feed for more info and all updates.  You can also get samples of the music.
Judge Hydrogen and me in Rosemont, IL-March 2015.

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