Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cards That Never Were: Backup Catcher Hall of Famer Larry Haney 1974 Topps

Cards That Never Were is a recurring series in which I attempt to create sports trading cards that for some reason were omitted from the original sets.  This is a concept I have borrowed from way too many others to list, but I thank them all.

Today is a special "Cards That Never Were," because it features a Backup Catcher Hall of Famer in Larry Haney.  I have written many times here about the BCHOF, but my I just wrote my first piece on the subject for Tru School Sports at The Backup Catcher Hall of Fame.
Haney signed as a free agent with the Baltimore Orioles in 1961.  He made his MLB debut in 1966 and earned his first Topps baseball card in 1967.  He shared it the "Orioles Prospects" card with Ed Barnowski.
After the 1968 season, the Seattle Pilots selected him in the expansion draft.  In the middle of the 1968 season, he was traded to the Oakland A's.  Through his first four seasons, he averaged 47 games played with a .225 batting average.
The next four years were tough.  In 1970, he played 2 games with the A's, in 1971 he did not see any action and in 1972, he played 5 games for the A's.  During the 1972 season, he was actually traded to the San Diego Padres, but reacquired later in the season.  In 1973, he appeared in two games for the A's, but was sold to the St. Louis Cardinals, for whom he played two games.
Prior to the 1974 season, he was purchased by the A's (for his third stint with them).  In 1974, he set his career high in games played with 76.  Unfortunately, he hit a paltry .165.  In 1975, he played in 47 games and in 1976, he played in 88.  He managed to bat .201 during this three year period.
The Milwaukee Brewers purchased Haney prior to the 1977 season and he saw action in 63 games, hitting .228.  He was released after the season.  I believe he was a coach for them in 1978 and actually appeared in 4 games for the team in October.
Haney had cards from 1967 through 1970, 1973 and 1975 through 1978.  The missing cards would have him pictured with the A's in 1971 and 1972 and with the Cardinals in 1974.  I could not find pictures of Haney with the A's during that period, but I did find a picture of him with the Cardinals.
The card below isn't the clearest.  I cut myself a break because he only appeared in two games for the Cardinals.  I am surprised he had any pictures.

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