Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On the Beat with Danielle Zymkowitz of the Chicago Bandits 2015

Today, the Johngy's Beat and Justin's World of Softball joint coverage of the 2015 Chicago Bandits resumes with Danielle Zymkowitz.  Danielle is in her fifth season of playing 2nd base for the Bandits.
Danielle has been a stellar performer throughout her NPF career.  She is hitting .239 with one home run and ten rbi's.  She is also her usual self at 2nd base.  Danielle and her shortstop Tammy Williams, have an ongoing fun rivalry over making "diamond gems."  These ladies make a lot of gems, including participating in a triple play last season.
As we learned in our interview last season, Danielle loves cereal.  I got an update on her cereal of the moment, along with some softball-related stuff, too.
I also had Danielle explain the "animal" gestures the team makes.  She explained the penguin, shark, elephant and peacock.  Finally, that mystery is solved for me.
After you watch the video, check out ChicagoBandits.com for more info and updates.  Then, be sure to check out the Bandits in person, on television or on YouTube.  Get out to the ballpark before the season ends!

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