Friday, August 14, 2015

Heather Furr and the Dominating Chicago Bliss

Tomorrow, Heather Furr will lead the Chicago Bliss as they take on the Atlanta Steam for the Eastern Conference championship of the Legends Football League.  For Heather, "lead" is the key word.
As I have previously written many times, Heather is the MVP quarterback-safety of the two time champ Bliss.  You don't get to be two time champs on luck or happenstance or with a weak spot at any position, especially quarterback.  Still, Heather comes under fire constantly from too many so called experts.
You know what I don't hear enough?  Heather is a winner!  Over the last three seasons, the Bliss have shown a dominance never seen before in the LFL.  How does 16-1-1 look?
Heather is a leader, a winner, a fearless competitor.  She can lead my team any time.  The only stat I really like is "wins" and Heather leads the LFL in that category.
She doesn't need me to say these things.  Heck, she probably doesn't even know I am writing this.  I put this out there because she deserves it, because the Bliss deserve it and because the readers need to know this.
There is only one home game left for the Bliss.  When they win tomorrow, they will next face the Western Conference champs the next Saturday in Seattle.  (I am predicting a Seattle to be their LFL Legends Cup opponent).
I'd love to see the stands at Toyota Park filled with Bliss fans.  Let's show the Bliss some love.  Let's show the LFL that Bliss Nation is strong.  Let's show Heather we support her and her team.
Heather Furr and me in Bridgeview, IL-April 2015.

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