Thursday, August 27, 2015

On the Beat with Barry Bostwick at Wizard World Chicago 2015

Prior to the actual start of Wizard World Chicago 2015, I was invited to a Press Reception at Level 257 in Schaumburg, IL.  Michael Rooker, Barry Bostwick, Chris 51 and Josh Bodwell were the celebrity guests there and I was fortunate enough to interview all four of them.
Bostwick gained longtime fame from his role in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," which has become a classic.  He co-starred in television's "Spin City," along with doing other episodic television and feature films.
I have met Bostwick several times, but this one was special.  We talked about which role of his blew up much bigger than he expected and which under the radar role of his he really loved.
We also fluffed our hair together.  Yes, you read that right.  We fluffed our hair together.  He started off our interview by commenting on my hair and followed that with suggesting we fluff our hair together.  I followed his lead d fluffed.  He's Barry Bostwick!  I am not going to snub Barry Bostwick.  Fluff away, I did!
When you see and talk to these celebs so much, they become comfortable around you and things like fluffing your hair might come up.  Why not?  Everything doesn't have to be too serious.
I really like Bostwick.  I have liked so many of his roles, too.  The more I meet and interact with him, the more I really like him.
We didn't talk about "Tales of Halloween" in this interview, because everyone else was going to ask him those questions.  In an upcoming interview with the Directors and Bostwick, we learn a bit about that latest movie project of his.  Until then, enjoy this video and then check out the "Tales of Halloween" Facebook page.

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