Friday, August 28, 2015

On the Beat with Kassie DePaiva at Wizard World Chicago 2015

Upon meeting Kassie DePaiva at Wizard World last week, she asked me if I was a fan of horror movies.  Being that she was in "Evil Dead II" and we were at a comic con, that was not a strange question.  My answer might have been a bit strange though, but I am not ashamed to say I was a fan of her work on tv's "One Life to Live."
Strange or not, Kassie seemed to really like that answer.  Why not?  She starred on it as  Blair Daimler Cramer Manning for over 19 years.  Our happiness at making that connection turned bittersweet though, as we both are sad that OLTL came to an end.
We talked about her role on "Days of Our Lives" and her husband James (formerly her love interest Max on OLTL).
I mentioned that I was supposed to interview her the next day, but with the hectic convention schedules, it was never set in stone.  Kassie smiled and told me she would do the interview either way.  Then on Sunday, I ran into her as she was heading to a panel.  She told me a time to come back and we would do the interview.  True to her word, she returned and we did the interview below.
I had a blast doing this interview.  It ranks among my favorite interviews of all time.  I felt like I was talking to an old friend (similar Kassie's thoughts on the allure of OLTL).  Kassie could not have been any friendlier or sweeter.
Meeting Kassie was awesome.  Talking to her and interviewing her later was a little bit surreal, but totally a wonderful experience.  Even now, I look at the screen cap of Kassie and me and I think, "Wow, I'm standing there talking to Blair>"  How cool is that?
I want to thank Wizard World for this opportunity.  I also want to thank Kassie for her time and consideration, as well as for her years of entertaining her fans.  After you watch our interview, check out and follow Kassie DePaiva on twitter.
Kassie DePaiva is a talented actress and a real sweetheart.  I will always fondly recall this experience with her.  What a treat!

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Jean Parker said...

Totally miss OLTL and Blair. What a great interview!
Would love to sit and have a cup of coffee with her!