Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blizzard Brawl Is A-Comin'

Three months from now, on Saturday, December 5, at the Waukesha County Expo, there will be a Blizzard Brawl.  This is the brainchild of Wisconsin wrestling promoter David Herro.
I have known David for a long time.  He's one of the good guys.  In fact, you might say he is a "Superfriend."  Okay, actually, he says he is a superfriend and his supporters, friends, fans and family are also superfriends.  I am proud to say that I am a superfriend, too.  I even have a special edition Johngy Superfriends shirt!
I have gone to Blizzard Brawl a few times over the years.  Believe me, if my schedule allows it, I am there.  It is a great show filled with wrestling legends and fun matches.  Iy is always an entertaining show.
Over the years, I have met such legends as Gene Okerlund, Ron Simmons, Kevin Nash, Al Snow (will Mick Foley scold me for calling Al a legend?), Terri Runnels and more.  I have also seen some wrestling friends in action, including Chazz Moretti, Melanie Cruise and Ruff Crossing.
It's a fantastic event, attended by true wrestling fans.  It is well-run by Herro and his staff.  The legends appearing are always very fan-friendly.  You really couldn't want more out of a wrestling show.
This year's first headliner named was Chyna.  I have never met the "9th Wonder of the World," but I am really looking forward to seeing her.
I'm planning on attending Blizzard Brawl 2015.  I hope to see a lot of you there, too.  For more info, head over to Blizzard Brawl.
David Herro and me in Chicago, IL-April 2015.

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