Monday, September 7, 2015

Friendly Encounters: Alli Alberts and Jack Keenan

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Jack Keenan has done a great job as my ace photographer and videographer for the Johngy's Beat coverage of the Chicago Bliss.  Alli Alberts has done a great job as safety-wide receiver on the 2x Legends Football League champions.
Alli got some exposure this season in the LFL, but she is still very underrated.  On a team like the Bliss, it is easy to get overshadowed by stars like Heather Furr and ChrisDell Harris, but Alli has earned her place next to them. 
This isn't about the other not deserving the spotlight.  It is just about Alli deserving a bit of it.  Maybe the Bliss need a bigger spotlight.
I tried to give put a spotlight on them.  I tried for three seasons to give the team the credit, respect and coverage that they deserve.  It has been a blast all the way.  Not only did I get great access from the team, I got to watch these elite athletes up close and was privy to some inside strategy courtesy of the coaching staff.  I had a ton of fun and wouldn't trade the experience for anything.
Alli was always up for a good interview.  All of the women were.  I have nothing but praise for the ladies of the Bliss.  They are a great blend of beauty, brains, athleticism and humor.
The Bliss lost to the Seattle Mist in the LFL championship game a few weeks ago.  This ended their hopes of a threepeat, but it does not diminish all they have accomplished.  It also does not stop their dominance.  They will be back strong in 2016.
Jack Keenan and Alli Alberts in Bridgeview, IL-April 2015.

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