Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Big Money

Today is my nephew Matt Parker's birthday.  It is an important one.  It is his last birthday as a single man.  Matt will be getting married to Erin in October.
Matt and Erin knew each other as kids, but started dating when Matt moved back to Chicago from Houston.  They got engaged and are about to really start their lives together.
Next week in Las Vegas, we will celebrate Matt's birthday and his upcoming nuptials.  Pai Gow, Sunday NFL action, silly bets and lots of fun will be shared by all of us.  Then, one month later, we will all gather again at Matt and Erin's wedding, where we will celebrate again.  This is going to be a month of goodness.
I would do anything to beat Matt in our silly bets.  I am just that petty.  On the other end though, I love this kid (young man) and would do anything for him.
Happy birthday Matt.  Enjoy your day with your bride-to-be.  See you soon out west!
Erin Galligan and Matt Parker in Chicago, IL-Summer 2013.


Jean Parker said...

What a great birthday wish!
Hope you guys all have a blast in Vegas!
Happy Birthday, to my dear son, Matt!!

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Matt