Friday, September 4, 2015

On the Beat with "Tales of Halloween" at Wizard World Chicago 2015

At Wizard World Chicago 2015, Johngy's Beat Special Reporter Scott Steiner and I had the pleasure of getting a lot of insider's views on feature film "Tales of Halloween," which is to be opening nationwide on October 16.  We interviewed Writer-Director Axelle Carolyn, Writer-Director Mike Mendez and Actor Barry Bostwick.  We also talked to Actress Cerina Vincent and Actress Adrienne Barbeau.  That's a lot of talent and we are excited about the interviews and the movie.
"Tales of Halloween" is comprised of ten stories occurring on Halloween night in the same town.  There are some links to the stories and there are also character crossovers at times, but each story stands alone in all it's frightening glory.
The movie also boasts several appearances of varying lengths of many familiar faces.  I won't reveal them, because I don't want to spoil the fun, but a keen eye will spot the Directors mixed in there.  You can always check out the "Tales of Halloween" IMDB page for that info.
In the interview below, Director-Writers Axelle Carolyn and Mike Mendez give us a little preview of what to expect, along with other interesting info.  There is also a quick bit of our other interview with Actor Barry Bostwick.
Everyone is very excited about "Tales of Halloween."  Aside from the people we "officially" interviewed, we talked to Actresses Cerina Vincent and Adrienne Barbeau.  One recurring theme is that the movie is done in an old-school manner, relying on multi-layered stories with subtle touches added.  It isn't a standard horror slasher gorefest.
The makeup and special effects were praised for their realism without going over-the-top with technology.  It has the feel of a horror movie from way back, with a modern look.
Vincent and Barbeau joined Bostwick in his enthusiasm and excitement over "Tales of Halloween."  I have been around this stuff log enough to know that they are really happy about the project and not just out on a publicity tour.
While we were unfortunately unable to attend the debut of "Tales of Halloween" at Wizard World, plenty of our friends went and loved the movie.  One bud said he hadn't seen a movie like this since childhood.  Another needs to see it again to catch all of the cameos and appearances.  By all accounts, "Tales of Halloween" is going to be a winner.  I know on October 16, I will be sitting with my big Coke in a movie theater.
You can check out the "Tales of Halloween' trailer on YouTube.  You can also check out the "Tales of Halloween" Facebook page for info and updates.

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