Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Happens in Las Vegas...

My friends and I have made baseball trips since 2001.  This year, we were undecided on our destination until my brother-in-law Scott put together a Las Vegas trip for my nephew Matt's bachelor party.
The Boys of Summer left a day early, flew into Phoenix and saw the Diamondbacks defeat the San Francisco Giants.  On Thursday, we drove to Las Vegas and met up with the rest as the celebration began.
This was a trip of a lifetime.  The "Boys" include Chuck, Jason, JayHawk, Jim and me.  The rest included Louie, Scott, Matt, Kyle, Marty, Tom, Dave and Michael.  That is a baker's dozen of good friends and family.  Just getting that many guys together in Vegas was amazing.  The time we had out there was unforgettable.
Major kudos go to Scott for organizing everything.  The planning and effort he put into this was off the charts.  The food was delicious and everything else was highly enjoyable.  Things could not have run smoother.
For me, it is never about what we do, but more about doing it with great people.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and several awesome friends.  During the trip, we all interacted with everyone at some point or another.  It was just a seamless, fun experience start to finish.
I also have to mention a friend I made at the California while playing Pai Gow.  I have no idea if she will read this.  I did shamelessly give her my business card (but only when she doubted I was actually "Johngy").  I had a blast that night, even though she punched me and may or may not have "lied" to me several times.
You need to grab these moments when you can.  Trips like this, with friends like these, do not come along often.  I am not always a happy guy, but I have learned to really soak in these moments.
Thanks to everyone who contributed.  Next stop...Matt's wedding.
Everyone in Las Vegas, NV-September 2015.


Fuji said...

Pai gow tables are so much fun. You can bring $100 to the table and make it last an entire evening. Throw in free drinks, good company, and a friendly dealer... and you have one helluva night.

Nancy said...

Sounds like you all had a great time.

Jean Parker said...

Glad the boys all had fun!

Johngy said...

Fugi-Pai Gow is the best kept secret in Vegas

Nancy and Jean-A great time was had by all