Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Author and Fan Michael West

Michael West is the bestselling author of of such books as Cinema of Shadows, Spook House, Skull Full of Kisses and the Legacy of the Gods series.  A frequent celebrity guest at conventions, the native Indianan is also a fan when he is not "on duty."
Michael is a great guy.  I have had the pleasure of interviewing him several times and just talking to him on many occasions.  How this soft-spoken gentleman comes up with this twisted literature s beyond me, but he does it well.
My first trip into his mind was Spook House, about old man Fuller, who conducted bizarre rituals in his house.  After Fuller gets killed on his land, his house remained as a testament to the gruesome acts.  Terrifying events ensure and I was gripped by every page.  This was an enjoyable ride through terror.
His other books are just as engrossing and terror-filled.  I plan on working my way through his entire bibliography!
I always keep my eyes open for Michael at any such convention, especially in the IN-IL area.  If you can't see him at a con, go to ByMichaelWest.com and check out his many offerings and get updates.
Michael West and me in Indianapolis, IN-June 2015.

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