Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cobra Is Your New Resistance Pro Champ

Resistance Pro has a new Heavyweight champ and his name is Cobra, the Muay Thai Warrior as managed by Mr. Justin King.  Congratulations to the new champ and to King.  Like them or not, they worked very hard to get here.
Cobra has had an interesting career in RPro.  He has worked his way up the ranks through hard work and with a little help from Mr. King.  As much grief as I give him, they are not the first wrestler-manager combo to use a bit of trickery to climb to the top.  They just did it better than anyone else at this point.
You can read my full report on Cobra winning the title, along with the rest of the night's action on Tru School Sports at On the Beat at Resistance Pro's "Rolling Thunder."  I also scored the first interview with the new champ and his mouth piece after the match.  That can be found at On the Beat with Cobra and Justin King at Resistance Pro's "Rolling Thunder."
While I congratulate Cobra on his great win, I also have to commend former champ Suge D on a great run with the belt.  Suge was a true champ in every sense.  He was a leader in the locker room.  He connected with the fans.  He put on fantastic matches.  On this particular night, he had already had two hard-fought matches and an injured leg, but still he put up a valiant effort, despite losing the title to Cobra.
Make no mistake, Cobra is a worthy champ.  He is an excellent in-ring worker.  I'd like to see him fight cleanly, but I do admit King is very entertaining, even when he is giving me grief (which is pretty much always).
Once again, congratulations to Cobra and King.  Good luck in your championship run.
Cobra, me and Justin King in Summit, IL-September 2015.

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Eric C. Loy said...

Cobra is one heck of an athlete. I've commentated on many of his matches...look up his match with former NWA Champ Kahagas on YouTube!

Justin King is a big wind.