Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Chuck

Life is about the accumulated experiences with family and friends.  Chuck and I have accumulated a wide variety of experiences over the years.
In the 20+ years I have known him, our friendship has grown from friendly co-workers to tight as brothers.  Chuck is one of the few people in life who I know I can count on without a single doubt.  He's helped me through tough times and celebrated with me during happy times.  Chuck is a true friend.  A true brother.  I am lucky to count Chuck as both.
He can backhand you with a snappy retort faster than you even realize he got you.  He's one of the quickest, funniest people I know.  He might also be the pettiest person I know (not counting myself).  Most of all, he's one of the most genuine people.  Chuck has helped me be a better person just by knowing him.
Happy birthday Chachi.
Chuck and me in Las Vegas, NV-September 2015.


Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday

Jean Parker said...

Happy Belated birthday .... just catching up on the Johnny's Beat columns!
Hope you had a great day and best wishes for a great year!