Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PJ Soles Loves Johngy's Beat

I have had a crush on PJ Soles since my grade school days.  Her portrayal of Riff Randall in Rock 'N' Roll High School is one of my favorite roles of all time.  PJ combining with the Ramones made for pure magic.  I love this movie.
I have met PJ many times over the years and each time seems to get better.  Actually, the first time I met PJ, I think I was so nervous that I didn't even enjoy the experience.  That was one of the few times I have ever been that excited about meeting a celebrity.  This was PJ though!
Since then, I have had the pleasure of interviewing her and talking to her at length about the Ramones, her career and other silly, fun things.  PJ is simply awesome!  I might sound like I am gushing, but I make no apologies.
At the recent Days of the Dead, I asked PJ for a promo for Johngy's Beat and she graciously obliged.  That promo is below and also in the left column of promos.  This one , like PJ herself, will always be special.

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