Tuesday, December 29, 2015

John Schneider and Coca-Cola

The Suburban Collection Showplace in Nov, MI is serviced by Pepsi products.  This is a double edge sword for me.  On one hand, I love Coke.  On the other, it probably is better for me, since if they served Coke, I would have too many over the course of the Motor City Comic Con.
While waiting for some interview opportunities, we noticed that John Schneider was enjoying a bottle of Coke at his booth.  I am pretty sure that attendees could not bring in outside beverages, but I am pretty sure that rule does not apply to celebrities.  Then again, Schneider has a history of being a bit of a rule-breaker (or at least he did on The Dukes of Hazzard).
Obviously, Schneider brought the Coke from someplace outside.  That brought up so many questions.  Was the Coke an intentional choice?  Ws it just a beverage he happened to be drinking on the way to the MCCC?  Does he have a strong Coke preference?  Is it strong enough to only drink Coke?  Could we be kindred Coke spirits?
Unfortunately, these questions will have to wait.  I never got the chance to talk to Schneider to ask him.  Yes, I would have asked him about Coke.  I bet nobody else ever asked him about Coke.  Why waste my questions on silliness, when I can cover a truly important topc like Coke!
I will get to the bottom of this eventually.  Stay tuned.
John Schneider and his Coke in Novi, MI-May 2015.

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Jean Parker said...

It is funny how easily you spot those Coke bottles!