Monday, January 25, 2016

Friendly Encounters: Dick Allen, Bill Nahorodny and Billy Demars

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebrities.

This picture is awesome.  It represents so much to me.  I just love it.
On the left is Dick Allen.  Allen was a superstar on the first Chicago White Sox teams I grew up watching and cheering.  His stay here lasted only three seaons, but they were excellent seasons right as I started following baseball.
The man in the middle is Bill Nahorodny.  Nahorodny was a catcher with the Philadelphia Phillies, who joined the Sox in 1977.  You all know how I love catchers.  He spent three exciting years with the Sox and was on the famous South Side Hit Men team of 1977.
We connected on Facebook when I offered to get him some of his baseball cards.  We have remained in contact since.  It still makes me smile thinking back to cheering for him at Comiskey and now communicating with him.  For the record, he is doing great in sunny Florida.
The man on the right is former Phillies infielder and lonmgtime coach Billy Demars.  His playing days were well before my time, but I totally remember him during his many years of coaching.  He was a well-respected baseball man.
This picture was taken at a Phillies reunion convention.  Each man has an interesting baseball story.  Together, they link about 60 years of Phillies.  It's great to see them together enjoying themselves.  They gave baseball fans a lot of great memories.
Dick Allen, Bill Nahorodny and Billy Demars in Clearwater, FL-March 2015.

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