Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Scott

Where did the years go?  I was still in high school when I first met Scott.  Despite his 80's mustache, I liked him right from the start, although I couldn't really let him know that.  Our good-natured competitive pettiness dictated that we be on opposite side of just about everything.
We've been through a lot in 30+ years.  I will forever be grateful for a fishing trip to Canada which really helped me through a tough time.  Times like that create lifetime bonds.
At my nephew's recent wedding, I reflected on many things throughout the weekend.  As Scott and I hoisted a drink together, I thought of how I really appreciate him.  He's not just my sister's husband.  He's my friend (a friend I still want to crush in every bet, but a very good friend either way).
Happy birthday Pork.  Thanks for being like a brother.
Scott Parker and me in Lemont, IL-October 2015.


Jean Parker said...

Great picture!!

Jean Parker said...

Scott says thank you ... he also says he doesn't know how to get to your page ... lol. Maybe you need to refresh everyone's memory and send them links ... lol.

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Scott.