Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wizard World Fan Fest with Trevor Mueller

Our recurring coverage of Wizard World Fan Fest brings us to Trevor Mueller.  We can't forget Albert the Alien either.
I think Trevor should write a web comic about himself.  He works for an advertising agency during the day and he creates comic  in his free time.  His comics include web comic series and other projects.  Albert the Alien, $sshole and The Temple of a Thousand Tears are among his works.
Albert the Alien intrigued me and not just because of the fun animated banner at his booth at Fan Fest.  There are a lot of alien stories and series out there.  It takes something special to make one that really stands out.  Albert the Alien is unique.  It's 152 pages of fun, but it also contains some life lessons.  It is an "all ages" book.  It might seem to be aimed at youngsters, the themes in the book can be applied throughout life.
His $sshole series has Trevor as the main character.  Trevor is a regular nerd, who plays video games.  Does this contain glimpses of the creator Trevor?  I hope to find out by interviewing him in the future.
Mueller's work includes something for everyone.  You can go to TrevorAMueller.com to learn more about him and to see his works.  You can also check out the Albert the Alien Facebook page to follow that series.
Trevor Mueller and me in Rosemont, IL-March 2015.

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