Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Olympic Hero Jim Craig

Jim Craig was involved in one of the most memorable moments in sports history (and actually American history).  The 1980 "Miracle on Ice" gripped a nation and was one of the most exciting and unexpected sports moments I have ever watched.
Craig was the star goalie on Team USA.  He went on to play a bit in the NHL, but never found the same level of success.  Unfortunately, he also ran into some personal issues.  To his credit, Craig fought through the tough times and is doing well now.
Matt and I hd the pleasure of meeting Craig at a promotional event at a hospital in the Chicago area.  Several hundred people came out to meet the Olympic legend.  He was gracious and appreciative of all of the fans.
I've met a lot of athletes, but few will ever achieve what Craig has.  Meeting Craig was truly like meeting a historical figure.
Matt Parker, Jim Craig and me in YYY-IL-February 2012.

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