Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kim Perez, Your Chicago Bliss Quarterback?

Kim Perez is one of the nicest, most personable people.  She is also one of the toughest, most dedicated athletes I have seen.  That combination might be what it takes to earn the starting quarterback job on the 2016 Chicago Bliss.
You can read my recap of the Bliss quarterback situation at Chicago Bliss Look to Kim Perez at Quarterback.  Here though, I want to share my somewhat insider's view on Kim.
Obviously I won't reveal personal information, but suffice it to say Kim travels a long distance just for practice.  By long, I mean hours!  She is that dedicated and it means that much to her.
I have talked to her at length over the years at practices and at games.  It sounds cliche, but I see the look in her eyes.  I feel it in her voice.
It takes more than dedication and passion though.  It takes ability and lots of hard work.  Kim has the ability and she does lots of hard work.  Kim has played many positions over the years and she plays them well.  She also practices hard every time.  You don't drive hours to dog it at practice, but I doubt Kim would dog it under any circumstance.
If you have seen Kim in previous years, you will notice a slightly different Kim this season.  She has added some muscle and more tone to her body.  Make no mistake, she was already in great shape, but she apparently did some extra work this offseason.
The rigorous practice schedule will determine if Kim or one of the rookies earns the starting nod.  Either way, Kim will have a place on this team.  Either way, I see her taking snaps before it is all over.
I know I am biased.  I don't care.  I have said some similar things about the newly retired Heather Furr (and other Bliss players).  It's all true though.  These women playing for the Bliss isn't happenstance.  They have earned their spot in Coach Keith Hac's organization.  If you can't hack it (no pun intended), you don't last with the Bliss.
I'm also a pretty good judge of people.  Kim Perez can quarterback my team anytime.  I would go into battle with this woman any day.
Kim Perez and me in Ontario, CA-September 2014.

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