Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Benefit for Thailand Volunteer Work Recap

After months of planning, "A Benefit for Thailand Elephant Volunteer Work" took place last Saturday and was a success.  It was also a ton of fun (no elephant joke there).
The show was the brainchild of PL Myers, whose stepdaughter Desiré Hudson is going on a trip of a lifetime.  PL relied on his history in the wrestling business to organize a fun night of wrestling to raise money for the cause.
Desiré is doing great things.  You can learn more about her at the Desiré Hudson GoFundMe page.  Please help her cause with any donation, if you can.
As for the night, it featured six great wrestling matches, celebrity appearances, raffles and an elephant!  Okay, it wasn't a real elephant.  It was actually her proud mom Lori, but it was an awesome moment and I got to escort her around the ring.
The whole process was a great experience for me.  It was totally PL's show, but I did my part, helping anywhere I can, all throughout the planning process.  I learned a lot and I am happy and proud to have contributed a bit.
Lori Myers and me in Summit, IL-February 2016.

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