Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mad Man Pondo Loves Johngy's Beat

Mad Man Pondo is the latest celebrity to jump on the Johngy's Beat bandwagon.  Having been around the Mad Man for a few years at Resistance Pro, I am firmly on the Pondo bandwagon.
Obviously, I knew of Pondo from his many years of wrestling.  His hardcore reputation preceded him into Resistance Pro, but I had no idea what to expect of Pondo outside of the ring.
It has been an absolute pleasure being around Pondo.  He is a true professional in the ring, in the lockerroom and with the fans.  I have seen him teach other wrestlers, help promoters, interact with fans, all while doing so with little fanfare.  He might clobber me with his trademark stop sign for saying this, but he really is one of the most humble, nicest people I have met in pro wrestling.
Don't let what I wrote fool you though.  Inside the ring, he is every bit of a mad man as his name and reputation would indicate.  Fortunately, I caught him prior to his match and got him to do a Johngy promo.  Even in this good mood though, you can still get a snippet of the madness.
The video below is for your enjoyment.  It shall now also take a place in the promo column to the left.

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