Friday, March 25, 2016

On the Beat With Christina L. Barr at C2E2 2016

I always like meeting young or new authors at C2E2.  I have stumbled upon so many over the years.  The latest is Christina L. Barr.
Prior to C2E2, I read the promo snippet on Christina and I was intrigued.  At only 26, she has already published nine books, has several more done and has a goal of thirty by the age of thirty.  That seemed a lofty goal, but after talking to Christina, it is a goal I am certain she will reach.
Her latest book is Phases of a Broken Sky.  I could give you the summary, but it is much more interesting when Christina explains it in the video interview below.  I was fascinated by the premise and after her description, I am even more excited to dive into the book to see how everything fits and develops.  I am curious about the many layers, depth of characters, mystery, humor and all else she has woven into the story.
Christina is a talented, young author who I will be following.  I hope to catch her at some conventions and book signings in the future.  Check out to learn more about Christina, her books and all other news and updates.

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