Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thank You and Good Luck Alli Alberts

Yesterday, I wrote about the departure of Chicago Bliss quarterback Heather Furr.  Today, I am featuring Alli Alberts, Heather's partner in the defensive backfield and target on offense.  Alli is also departing the Chicago Bliss and unfortunately, there was also very little hoopla over her departure.
I had the pleasure of covering Alli's entire Legends Football League career.  I interviewed her before she even suited up for the team.  I watched her develop into an MVP candidate as one of the best two way players in LFL history.
I always tell the story of seeing Alli laid out after one reception.  Most players I have seen in any sport would have been done right there.  Alli isn't most players though.  Despite that bone-crushing hit, Alli never backed off from a catch or a tackle.  Like Heather, Alli is one of the toughest people I have ever seen.
My only "complaint" about Alli is her fandom of her home area St. Louis Cardinals.  Of course, with Alli, I can't hold that grudge.  Actually, I respect her sports knowledge.  She's not just a fair weather fan.
I wrote another article at Alli Alberts and Heather Furr: Goodbye, Good Luck and Thank You.  Alli (and Heather) deserve much more pub than they got.  I don't know why the LFL didn't celebrate their careers more.  Alli and Heather are two of the greatest of all time.
Again, I want to thank Alli for everything she did for the fans, the Bliss and me.  She was always a willing and a fun interview (even when she was boasting about her Cardinals).  She was a real pleasure to watch and to know.  Thank you and good luck, Alli!
Alli Alberts and me in Bridgeview, IL-January 2015.

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