Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thank You and Good Luck Heather Furr

The Legends Football League posted a short announcement on their Facebook page thanking Heather Furr and wishing her well in her retirement.  It was a professional announcement, but not with enough fan fare befitting "The Rockstar."
Heather was everything the LFL should have wanted.  She is beautiful, athletic, intelligent, articulate, funny and more.  She was an all-star on offense and defense.  In fact, she was also an MVP, as well as a two time champ with the Chicago Bliss.
Over my three plus seasons of covering the Bliss, I got to talk to Heather many times.  She was always willing to give an interview or even just some random thoughts and she was always entertaining.
Speaking of entertaining, she even made the player introductions more entertaining, as she borrowed a bit from the world of pro wrestling.  Wearing a robe reminiscent of Ric Flair and gesturing to the fans like Hulk Hogan, Heather revved up the crowd every time.  It was always quite a show.
Don't let the rockstar persona fool you though.  Heather was about the team.  Heather was a natural leader.  She was a force on defense and a threat on offense.  She loved her teammates, but wasn't afraid to bark at them when needed.
Heather did it all.  She is a certain future Hall of Famer.
I am disappointed with the little press coverage Heather's departure received.  I realize the LFL isn't covered by most mainstream sports outlets, but even within their own media platform, the LFL did not send off this legend as she deserved.
I will miss Heather as I cover the Bliss.  I have written many times of my respect for Heather.  I would go into battle with her any day.  She is as tough as they come.  She was also as successful as anyone in the league's history.
Heather isn't the only Bliss veteran leaving the sport.  Wide receiver-safety Alli Alberts is leaving, too.  Tomorrow, I feature Alli.  I also wrote one more article on Heather and Alli's departure at Alli Alberts and Heather Furr: Goodbye, Good Luck and Thank you.
I wanted to take today to thank Heather for all she did for the fans, the team and me.  It was a pleasure watching her and knowing her.  Because of Heather, I saw a championship win in Los Angeles and I got a championship ring.  Most of all, I have a ton of great memories.  Thank you Heather and good luck.
Heather Furr and me in Chicago, IL-October 2013.

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