Friday, April 15, 2016

Bliss-full Johngy

I have professed my respect, love and admiration for the Chicago Bliss many times over the years.  The picture below shows it isn't strictly a one way street either.
Many of the past Bliss players requested a Johngy shirt.  At one practice, three members of the squad wore their Johngy shirts, presenting me with a unique photo opportunity.
Now former players Kira Brabeck and Jess Price sandwiched me, while current Bliss standout Dominique Collins also joined the shot.  That's four Johngy shirts (three of them looking great on these beautiful, athletic women).
Even better than the cool photo op is the appreciation I felt. When covering a team (or person or organization), you never look for or expect big signs of appreciation.  You do your job and enjoy it for what it is.  If you're lucky, you will get an occasional "thank you."
The Bliss are one of the exceptions to that thought though.  They have shown me appreciation many times in many ways.  I would have to say though, that three Johngy clad Bliss players will forever be one of my favorite memories.
For more info on the Bliss, check out  You can also count on me featuring them regularly right here.
Dominique Collins, Kira Brabeck, me and Jess Price in Darien, IL-May 2014.

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Jean Parker said...

Love the variety of the colored T's of Johngy!!