Thursday, April 14, 2016

The King of the Geeks

At "A Benefit for Thailand Volunteer Work," I finally met Elliott Serrano, the franchise that Johngy's Beat aspires to be.  He has been called the "King of Geeks" and "Chicago's Clark Kent" and he wears both names proudly.  Why not?  The man has it going.
He has worked for Playboy and the RedEye.  He hobnobs with celebrities.  He is a man about town.  He is everywhere and he is where I want to be.
At the show, we had a chance to talk and Elliott gave me some advice, which I took to heart.  I am grateful for his words and his time.  Elliott is down-to-earth and a genuinely nice guy.
He volunteered his time at the benefit show, got there early, stayed late and mingled with everyone.  It was a real pleasure hanging with him for a bit.
Someday, in some parallel universe, maybe someone will take a picture with me and write a similar story about meeting Johngy.  I can dream.
Elliott Serrano and me in Summit, IL-February 2016.

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