Friday, April 1, 2016

Carla Kosak and the Chicago Bliss

Last season, Chicago Bliss rookie played in one game, having one reception for one yard, along with an assist on a tackle on defense.  Those don't sound like impressive stats, but they mean the world to Carla and one must go beyond the stats for the full picture.
First, everyone needs to realize just how talented the Chicago Bliss are.  They are 17-2-1 over the last three seasons, including two Legends Cup championships and one losing appearance in the title game.  Wide Receiver-safety Alli Alberts is one of the best in the LFL.  Running back ChrisDell Harris is the best running back in the LFL.  Deena Fagiano is underrated and reliable in her role as lineman-tight end.  With that type and depth off offensive weaponry, there is little room for others, especially rookies.
Coach Keith Hac tried to balance winning with getting experience for his rookies, but last season, the Bliss battled injuries and slow starts.  Sometimes the veterans were needed late in the game.
The other part of the picture is Carla.  She worked hard to make the team and harder to learn the game, the plays and her position.  This practice and study went on for months before the season even started.  Along with her regular job and life, she had to squeeze in two nights a week of practice and other times of working out and learning.  She had that much dedication, much like all of the women of the LFL.
It takes a lot of heart to do all of that just to make a couple of plays in one game.  Yet, to Carla, it was all worth it.  That speaks volumes about her.
It speaks volumes on the general dedication of the women league-wide.  These women do not get paid anything!  They truly do everything for the love of the game.  Criticize them if you want for the skimpy uniforms, but never discount their passion for this sport.  Yes, it is a sport.  Look beyond the uniforms and actually watch real football being played.
Since the championship game loss in September, Carla has been working even harder to be ready for this season.  She has been running routes with QB Coach Matt Pike.  She is lifting weights and working out lie a beast.  That type of effort has got to pay off this season.
Carla represents all that is good with the LFL.  Of course, she is beautiful.  Just look at her.  Don't just see an attractive young lady though.  See a very dedicated, determined athlete.  See Carla as I see her.
Most important of all, see Carla and her Bliss mates at a game this season.  You'll love this as much as I do.  For more info, check out
Carla Kosak and me in Bridgeview, IL-May 2015.

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