Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Looking Back: Joe Pettini

During the baseball season, I will occasionally revisit some of my favorite baseball interviews.  Former infielder Joe Pettini was a favorite of mine and our interview can be found at On the Beat with Joe Pettini.
Pettini played parts of four seasons with the San Francisco Giants, collecting 70 hits for a .203 batting average and one home run.  I always liked the underdog.  He has gone on to have a long coaching career.  During a trip to Houston, when I got press credentials for a game against the Cardinals, I targeted Pettini.
I know my limits.  I'm not ESPN.  I'm not going to get a lengthy, hard-hitting interview, but I can use my credentials to meet some of my old favorites.  This is exactly what I did with Pettini.
It cracks me up always.  As a fifteen year old baseball card buyer, little did I know I would one day be on the field with these bubblegum heroes.  As my friend Chuck says, "We're all professionals."  Joe Pettini and me, just a couple professionals doing our jobs...and loving it!
Joe Pettini and me in Houston, TX-Summer 2012.

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