Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ode to Ego

I have been covering Chicago independent wrestling for several years.  It didn't take long for "The Ego" Robert Anthony to make a big impression on me.
I first saw Ego wrestle as Egotistical Fantastico in PCW.  He left the area for the WWE for a while, but returned to the Chicago scene by 2009.  I got to see him up close and got to know him when we were both with Resistance Pto.
Ego worked very hard and became the champ there.  I watched his climb to the top and appreciated all he did to get there.
I also saw Ego do a lot outside the ring, too.  On a personal note, he helped a troubled teen I know.  He went above and beyond.
Unfortunately, Ego left RPro as did several others in late 2014.  I miss Ego.  He was arguably RPro's best champ.  He was gold on the mic and in the ring.  I never had a bad interview with him either.
Like in any company, people move on and you lose touch.  That's life.  I still see Ego occasionally at various comic cons.  He doesn't wrestle anywhere as much these days and I miss seeing him in action.  He was special in the ring.  He has the "it" factor.
I will always be grateful for his giving time to my young friend.  I will always remember his great matches, especially at RPro.  I will fondly recall his goofiness, too.
Ego is an original.  He easily is more entertaining than most of the wrestlers in the big companies.
I doubt he will ever read this, but I hope he does.  He should know already that I respect what he's done and who he is.  Anyone who knows him would say the same.  This is for all others who might not know.
Thank you Ego.  I hope I have not seen the last of you in or out of the ring.
Robert Anthony and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2012.

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