Sunday, April 10, 2016

Waiting For the 2016 Chicago Bliss

The Chicago Bliss season is almost here.  In just over a month, the Bliss will start their climb back to the top of the Legends Football League mountain, after losing in the championship game last season.
Last season, the Bliss looked to be the favorites to win the lFL championship.  The theme of the season was "threepeat."  Everywhere you went around the Bliss, you held up three fingers as a sign of the commitment to the goal.  It wasn't arrogance or overconfidence, it was focus.
Unfortunately, the Seattle Mist were the better team on that day and they knocked off the two time defending champions.  Coach Hac and the rest of the team immediately started planning for 2016.
The picture below is one of my all time favorites.  I am surrounded by key members of the Bliss family.  Coaches Ryan Andrews and Myron Knox are the bookends.  Part-time coaches Matt Cihi and Liz Beck sandwich me.  We were all flashing the "3" sign.  Things looked promising.
In the end, the title doesn't change the fact that I have loved covering this team.  I have made new friends and wonderful memories.  I still get chills thinking of being on the field for their second championship.
It's easy to dismiss the Bliss as a lingerie show.  I challenge anyone to go to a game and watch these ladies play football, real football.  Then, stick around after the game and talk to them and see their dedication.
Your first opportunity in Chicago is July 2.  Check out for more updates and ticket info.  You can also find regular coverage right here.
Ryan Andrews, Matt Cihi, me, Liz Beck and Myron Knox in Bridgeview, IL-May 2015.

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