Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cards That Never Were: Dick Billings 1976 Topps

"Cards That Never Were" is a recurring series in which I create virtual sports trading cards for players who were not in the regular set for some reason.  I have borrowed this concept from too many others to list, but I thank them all.
There is no better way for me to celebrate the start of baseball season than by creating a missing card for a backup catcher of my youth.  I previously gave Dick Billings (along with fellow backup catcher Marc Hill) a 1975 Topps card in Cards That Never Were: 1975 St. Louis Cardinals Catchers.
Billings played most of 1975 with the Cardinals AAA team in Tulsa, but he did appear in three games for the Cardinals.  They released him in September and Topps did not give him a card in the 1976 set.  While I cannot argue that decision, I can still give Billings a 1976 card, which would be a career capper, as he retired at that point.

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