Saturday, May 7, 2016

Good Bye and Good Luck Monica Abbott

It is a sad day in Chicago.  Ace pitcher Monica Abbott has signed a huge contract with the expansion ScrapYard Dawgs of the National Pro Fastpitch.  This ends her successful stay with the Chicago bandits, including last year's Cowles Cup championship.
I have previously written about her dominance in that series and overall.  She did stuff on the diamond that was unreal.  It was truly a pleasure and a privilege to watch her perform her craft.  When you see an athlete of that calibre, you just sit back and enjoy the show.  I enjoyed the show for the previous two seasons.
I looked forward to enjoying it again this summer.  Ironically, I just got approved for Press Credentials for the season.  Obviously, I will still enjoy going to the games, but I certainly will miss Monica.  Everyone will miss Monica.
I want to publicly thank Monica for her great effort and accomplishments during her time here.  I also want to thank her for her professionalism in talking to the media.  I will always think of the interview I did with her on her birthday.  She actually left her celebration a bit early, just to accommodate the interview request.
Monica was more than just a true professional.  She was (and is)_ a Hall of Famer in every sense of the phrase.  Good luck and good bye.  We'll see you at the ballpark, but you'll be wearing the wrong uniform.
Monica Abbott and me in Rosemont, IL-July 2015.

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